June 30, NVIHA Western Performance

Well, it was hot, hot, hot, but everyone found moving spots of shade and followed them around to keep cooler. We had a great time and a big thanks to Debbie Magee, Jayde, Noelle, Valerie and Laurilie for all your hard work. Posted below are the High Point and Reserve Awards as well as some candid shots. See you all in August, August 10 & 11 for our Saddle Show.

WESTERN PERFORMANCE – June 30, 2013 High Points

Division High Point Reserve
Youth 14-18 Rosalea Pagani – JWR The Last Juan Eilish Anderson – Strait from the Source
Youth 10 – 13 Jamie Fraser – Dolly McMadison Camille Lucas – Dynamic Success
Walk/Jog 18 + Over Kandysce Wager – Consider It My Turn
Green Rider Camille Lucas – Dynamic Success
Green Horse Tara Dobler – Dun in the Shade
Walk/Jog 17 + Under Madison Biship – Streakin San Sousa Tara Mawle – TJ’s Doc
Senior Gord McEachen – Good Grief Grover Caitlin Nikolaison – Dark Ambition
Pee Wee Sophie Fuhrer – Fe
Open Rosalea Pagani – JWR The Last Juan Gord McEachen – Good Grief Grover