Nanaimo, 2013

Well, I had soooooo…. much fun in Nanaimo, we did really well in the trail classes. It was extremely hot but a breeze did come along now and again to cool us off. It is really to bad that the City of Nanaimo and the NDEA are such jerks. They certainly made it evident that they are trying to get the horse people out of there so that they can tear down the barns and put up Soccer fields. What a waste of a very viable location and property, the barns are a mess, where I was camped in the “compulsory camp area” you couldn’t even open some doors because of the height of the grass. I understand that this property was donated to be used for “Agricultural Purposes”, but they have conveniently lost that documentation. So in spite of all the rules and regulations Nanaimo QH club you put on a great show, and I am glad I made the effort to go. Below you will find some pictures taken by my friend Susanne. Enjoy!