August – Sorel, Quebec

Well the last show of the year and as usual Quebec do their shows up big. Lots of money classes with lots of big winners. 4H did their show with the Quarter Horse Circuit with over 30 young riders showing. It sure is good to see our “grass roots” competitors learning about the higher level shows and trying them out. It just proves that those riders who stay home because they don’t think they are good enough are missing out on so much fun. It is definitely great to see some youth willing to step up and come to the bigger shows. We were down a bit in numbers with just over 50 horses but everyone there had a really great time. Thanks again to Linda, Hugett, Christian, Luke, Helene and all the participants and over course it was special to me to make soo… many new friends. I’ll be home (Ottawa) in October and hope to see some of these very special people to me. Elizabeth, it was great spending time with you and maybe we can lunch with Linda in October. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures, as I had a really good time taking them. Maybe I will get to see all of you at next years’ shows.