Mt. Arrowsmith QH Show

My apologies for not getting the images for the Mt. Arrowsmith show up and the Hi Points posted, The High Points can be seen on the website, but I have published on this posting the official AQHA results.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope to have the Glacier Classic up by the end of the week.

June 4                   June 5

Breeding Bella

I need to vent, this whole breeding experience was supposed to be fun, but from the get go it has been a nightmare.  It started when I won the breeding from the LMQHA auction, it took 3 weeks and a whole lot of emails to get the certificate, and then to also get an email from the person sending them out chastising me for not contacting her (I contacted the person I paid my money too as I did not know who was heading this committee).  Then I contact the breeder and told them I have never done AI before and what do I need to know, this was after I read their contract very carefully on the website.  It took two weeks to get an answer from the Breeder who congratulated me on winning the auction, but no info.  So I then called our local horse vet and asked her if she does the AI and knows about it, and of course she said yes.  3 Ultra Sounds later and approximately $600, she tells me to call the breeder.  So I do to have the semen shipped.  The first thing she says do you have your Import Permit.  This is the first time I am informed by these so called experts that I need an import permit.  The breeder tells me that the Vet is supposed to do it and then contact her vet to have the semen inspected before shipping, but that she also has frozen semen at Westgen in Vancouver.  So I go back to my Vet who has no clue about Import permits and says she will look into it and will not work with frozen semen at all.  1 week later I have not heard from her, but did my own investigation.  I talked to a really great vet in Langley (Ray Wise) and he said that he can do the permit, but it takes about a month.  Since I have already wasted a month with the Vet here, I did not want to wait, so he says that he will work with the frozen, but my mare has to come to his place.  No problem,  I have my original vet give a short cycle shot to Bella so we know exactly when she comes into her cycle and II ship my mare over. Contact the Breeder and tell her what my plans are and asked what ratio do they get babies from the frozen semen.  She said about 40% but the semen is very good quality and has the required 500 million FPM.  So now I am feeling a little more encouraged.  I contact her to find out how I get the frozen semen from Westgen and she informs me that she made a mistake it is not at Westgen but at Trans Bio which is in Quebec.  So, I call Trans Bio and they do not answer their phone, so I send an email, saying I need this semen shipped on Monday (this is Friday) what do I need to do.  To their credit they did call me right away after receiving my email.  So the semen is shipped, Ray Wise brings my mare into heat, (because the shot given here wasn’t done at the correct time and she was not in heat), and proceeds to breed her with the frozen semen.  Which he then calls me to tell me it is extremely poor quality and she probably will not take.  Sure enough, she did not take.  So 2.5 weeks later we use the 2nd dose of frozen semen, Ray decides to do a “deep horn” breeding to try and get her pregnant, but said there was such little motility that doesn’t think this will take either.  I am now up to about $4000.00 and my mare is still in Langley.  So I decide I should apply for the Import Permit, and hopefully it will be in at the same time as we find out whether she is pregnant or not, and if she is not we can have shipped semen sent up.  I needed the Registry number of the stallion so sent another email off to get that, as my PIN is not working to get into the AQHA site (another long story) and I cannot get it.  Of course that was a few days ago and still have not heard back.  So I sent the request for Import Permit off and hopefully will not need it.  I will keep you posted as to whether or not I actually get a foal out of all this….. stay tuned.

BCQHA & VIQHA AGM – February 28, 2015

Well, this past weekend we held the VIQHA and BCQHA AGM at the Ramada Inn in Nanaimo, BC.  For those who made the effort to attend, I think had a great time and even learned a few things about the new website and the leveling system.  There will be a BC History page, so if you know of anyone who should be featured, type it up with images and send to your zone president.  The VIQHA new executive is:

Cherie Corrigan, –  President Email
Gord McEachen – Vice President Email
Roseanne Locke – Treasurer Email
Kelly Frech – Secretary Email

The new board for the BCQHA is:

Carolyn Farris – President Email
Gord McEachen – President Elect Email
Cherie Jardine – Treasurer Email
Heidi Landry – Secretary Email

Below you will find some images of the awards given for both VIQHA and BCQHA, enjoy!

Western & Cowboy Dressage Oct 6, 2014

Once again the clinics for the Westen/Cowboy Dressage are held on Dove Creek Road.  What fun, not only does Becky Martens do an amazing job, but she makes sure that everyone really enjoys themselves while they are learning horsemanship.  Some horses provided some entertainment when asked to drag a tarp, but the riders were calm and accomplished this really scary feat (at least to horses that is).  We all know that the reason they get spooked is because they know that horse eating green dragons hide under tarps and bushes.  I didn’t have my camera, so took a few pics with my phone.  Hope you enjoy them!


SCQHA Sept 12-14, 2014

Well the show season for BC has come to a close, ending with Armstrong, with no drama.  The weather held and the Judges were absolutely awesome.  It was unfortunate that the Paint attendance was quite low.   I want to thank Rod Ash, Janet Crich and Carolyn Farris for their help throughout the show and of course Tommy the world’s best Whipper-in!  A big thanks to Kelly, my right hand arm, you made it fun at the shows and helped my stress level (notice I didn’t say if it went up or down LOL), but seriously I do appreciate your work ethic.  I have posted the results below, but again, until AQHA/APHA do their thing these are not final.  I also want to say the Futurities on Saturday night were a blast, check out the images, Janet you rock in the pink hat, blonde wig and impressive “No Bridle”, you did great.  Pia went back to the 60’s with ABBA and looked like she was having the time of her life, and of course Devon in that absolutely beautiful dress and white cowboy hat “high five”.   Thank you again to all the competitors over the year and maybe I will see you all next year.

Friday Results                                         Saturday and Sunday Results