MAQHA June 7 & 8

pic4Well the weather held and I think everyone had a great time at the Pt. Alberni Show this past weekend. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but did take a few with my phone, they are interspersed throughout this blog.

pic5A big Thank you to the Show Committee and Volunteers (especially Candy Travers and Carol Walton) I know you worked your butts off and I also know that without that show volunteer help we would not have any shows.

pic1I have posted the unofficial Show Results if you wanted to check your placings if you forgot where you placed. Remember, that AQHA have not checked these so they are unofficial. I have also posted the Hi-Point and Reserve placings.

pic6 Now on to Courtenay, in case you haven’t heard the Hi Point awards offered are the Stanley Fat Max 4 in one, every exhibitor needs one of these.  It is well worth the trip to beautiful Courtenay.  You can enter online on this website at Courtenay On-line Form






Here are the results:

Results June 7      June 8 results   Hipoints 2014

LMQHA May 2 – 4, 204

LMQHA show this past weekend was amazing.  Friday’s weather was absolutely perfect then Sat and Sun changed and set records with the rain downfall.  Unfortunately, I was so crazy busy that I did not get pictures to show everyone what a great time the competitors had.  Below I have posted your unofficial results if you couldn’t remember your placings.

Unofficial Results for Friday May 2       Unofficial Sat and Sun Results



SCQHA Sept 13 – 15

Well, I finally made it home from beautiful Armstrong, BC. We hit quite the sheet lightning storm around Chilliwack which made for entertainment, but not so much for driving. The show was great, the 3 days were hot and sunny and all the competitors had a great time. A big thank-you to the Hutton Family who put on a “Team Tournament” again with a Moped and Schwinn Bikes as prizes. From my point of you everyone was more concerned about earning points for the team then for their own hi-points. So it was really good to see that kind of team spirit and camaraderie.  Congratulations to everyone on jobs well done, and thank you to Kelly Frech for helping me out this weekend.  If you did not make it to Armstrong, you should plan for next year with everything they have to offer.   Hope you enjoy the pictures we took.

August – Sorel, Quebec

Well the last show of the year and as usual Quebec do their shows up big. Lots of money classes with lots of big winners. 4H did their show with the Quarter Horse Circuit with over 30 young riders showing. It sure is good to see our “grass roots” competitors learning about the higher level shows and trying them out. It just proves that those riders who stay home because they don’t think they are good enough are missing out on so much fun. It is definitely great to see some youth willing to step up and come to the bigger shows. We were down a bit in numbers with just over 50 horses but everyone there had a really great time. Thanks again to Linda, Hugett, Christian, Luke, Helene and all the participants and over course it was special to me to make soo… many new friends. I’ll be home (Ottawa) in October and hope to see some of these very special people to me. Elizabeth, it was great spending time with you and maybe we can lunch with Linda in October. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures, as I had a really good time taking them. Maybe I will get to see all of you at next years’ shows.

July 2013 – Sorel, Quebec

Well, I finally recovered from my trip to Quebec, 6 days of 4 hours sleep a night takes a lot out me. Congratulations to the first place competitor of the Showmanship challenge, she walked away with a first place purse of $1000. The Wine and cheese social, whats lots of fun and all the competitors seemed to have a great time. All the NSBA Jackpot classes had $500 added so in the end the club owed some people money instead of the competitor owing the club for their show, good deal eh! Some of the images below were taken at 6:30 in the morning before the Grand Prix trail class, so they are a little dark with the sun streaming in, even though they are dark, from an artistic point of view I think they have a really cool effect. Thanks again to Linda and Hugette, both of you rock! Also thank you to my favorite paramedic your kind words of encouragement helped with my exhaustion. Enjoy the images!