Sorel, July 25

A perfect weather day to show, not too hot not too cold. Huge money classes were held today, we had 19 in the Showmanship Challenge with $2000.00 added money and if you place in the top ten you get your entry fee returned to you. Marilyn Randall and Tom McBeath were the Judges and had a really good day. Many more money classes to go, most with $500 added money, including a 2 Yr old Snaffle Bit futurity, an Amateur Western Pleasure, an Amateur Horsemanship and the list keeps going on. Hopefully tomorrow I will get some pictures to post the 75 Competitors here are keeping me pretty busy.

Nanaimo, 2013

Well, I had soooooo…. much fun in Nanaimo, we did really well in the trail classes. It was extremely hot but a breeze did come along now and again to cool us off. It is really to bad that the City of Nanaimo and the NDEA are such jerks. They certainly made it evident that they are trying to get the horse people out of there so that they can tear down the barns and put up Soccer fields. What a waste of a very viable location and property, the barns are a mess, where I was camped in the “compulsory camp area” you couldn’t even open some doors because of the height of the grass. I understand that this property was donated to be used for “Agricultural Purposes”, but they have conveniently lost that documentation. So in spite of all the rules and regulations Nanaimo QH club you put on a great show, and I am glad I made the effort to go. Below you will find some pictures taken by my friend Susanne. Enjoy!

June 30, NVIHA Western Performance

Well, it was hot, hot, hot, but everyone found moving spots of shade and followed them around to keep cooler. We had a great time and a big thanks to Debbie Magee, Jayde, Noelle, Valerie and Laurilie for all your hard work. Posted below are the High Point and Reserve Awards as well as some candid shots. See you all in August, August 10 & 11 for our Saddle Show.

WESTERN PERFORMANCE – June 30, 2013 High Points

Division High Point Reserve
Youth 14-18 Rosalea Pagani – JWR The Last Juan Eilish Anderson – Strait from the Source
Youth 10 – 13 Jamie Fraser – Dolly McMadison Camille Lucas – Dynamic Success
Walk/Jog 18 + Over Kandysce Wager – Consider It My Turn
Green Rider Camille Lucas – Dynamic Success
Green Horse Tara Dobler – Dun in the Shade
Walk/Jog 17 + Under Madison Biship – Streakin San Sousa Tara Mawle – TJ’s Doc
Senior Gord McEachen – Good Grief Grover Caitlin Nikolaison – Dark Ambition
Pee Wee Sophie Fuhrer – Fe
Open Rosalea Pagani – JWR The Last Juan Gord McEachen – Good Grief Grover

June 20-24 Sorel, Quebec

Another great 4 day Split/Combined Show. A big thankyou to all the competitors, Linda & Huguotte who I would be lost without and of course Christian our mighty leader. Luc, Francine, Francois, and Helene and all the other volunteers and workers were awesome. The first two days we had Melissa Sexton and Randy Alderson Judging the 2nd combination days we had Dean Ross and Judd Paul. Thanks Dean for making me laugh so hard. The weather was up and down, with some sun, some rain, some wind, the only weather we didn’t get was snow, thank the Lord.  I think everyone was happy we had an early day on Monday since it was St. John Baptiste Day.  I hope you enjoy some of the images I was able to take.

Pt. Alberni 2013

Thank you to everyone at the Port Alberni show, Competitors, Judges, Volunteers everyone was awesome and because of that we had a great time. Here are the Hi-Points and some pictures to look at.

Division High Point Reserve
Youth 14-18 Jessica Heikes
Too Good for Words
Megan Komori-Kennedy
Chips Classy Hot Rod
Youth 10 – 13 Jamie Fraser
Dolly McMadison
Trenna Brown
Sweetline Tuxcedo
Amateur Joanne See
Just Consider It
Candy Travers
Leap to Conclusion
Senior Horse Carol McEachen
Ima Zippo In Gold
Joanne See
Just Consider It
Junior Horse Michelle MacIntosh
Carribean Hot
Eilish Anderson
Black Ty Invitation
Green Horse Joanne See
Just Consider It
Nancy Garner
Mitos Bo San
Novice Amateur Valerie Hodgins
Sheza Trottin Chip
Gord McEachen
Good Grief Grover
Novice Youth Eilish Anderson
Strait From The Source
Jennifer Larose
Zippos Dynamic Chip